Hello again trapeze bar!

Three things learned from Monday’s session:

  1. Ross’s aerial fitness class doesn’t take any prisoners.
  2. I am approximately 0.01% as strong as I’d like to be.
  3. Despite this, after a year and half of aerial classes with the inspirational women of Hang, I have actually learned quite a lot. Without too much dithering I managed the following impromptu sequence: pop-on, coffin, French move, mermaid/dolphin, star-on-the-bar, bird’s nest, mermaid/superman, half angel, back angel, candlestick.

Here’s me learning a new transition called ‘scissors’ (which coincidentally, my kids also just started learning from Pocket Rockets teacher Rachel, as part of an Ockham’s Razor conditioning sequence). Please excuse the constant frowning/grimacing/complainy noises – must work on eliminating those too!




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