Sea-themed silks

For last night’s silks intro/refresher, we looked at climbing – on both sides, argh! and footlock – on both sides, argh! Silks aren’t exactly my forte and I haven’t been anywhere them since before the summer holidays, but my stamina held out long enough to have a bash at the sea-themed silks sequence that followed.

My notes tell me it sort of goes like this:  climb – footlock – cross legs into crouch – bring both knees through and reach high to grip the inner edges of the silks with thumbs up, then push your hips through and arch into a kind of sail/figurehead shape – stand up and stick bum into the silks on the same side as your footlock, then sit down into your ‘cocoon’ – stand up and keeping your bum and shoulder in the cocoon, grip the silk edge at hip-level with your footlock-side hand, and overhead with the other hand, then push the non-locked leg up and out straight into the opposite silk to make a diamond shape. Go back out from between the silks the same way you came in!

One tip I found particularly useful: it’s less tiring (and looks nicer) to get into footlock using long arms, bringing the footlock leg up high and straight, and placing the instep of the non-locked foot onto the pole to bring yourself up.


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