Handstands, hoop and ‘how-is-this-supposed-to-work’?

A whopping, relentlessly physical four-hour session to round off the week, beginning with what I now know to be the ‘Evil Claire Warm-Up’ followed by a handstand blitz with Ross then an hour of aerial, recapping the sea-themed silks sequence from last week and having a look at a sequence for hoop: starting with Pixie -cross and fold legs to Secretary -pop off same side bum-cheek as bottom leg to Hammock -bring head and shoulders back through, reaching top arm up to Star (keeping hips on same plane as hoop, not facing the ground – push hoop away with other hand creating space to bring other leg back through, returning back to sitting-then tip and roll round to front balance.

And then… an hour and a half of acrobalance with Forma Fortis’ Alex, which began with a race of doubles forward-rolling before having a go at the following:

Shoulder stand: starting with flyer’s shoulders in the base’s hands and straight arms on their knees, then tucking up or climbing from base’s knees into vertical (with variation of base raising one knee for flyer to clasp hands around, counterbalance allowing flyer to send legs back a little). Thanks to Johanna for this brilliant face.

Flag: flyer standing close to but offset from the base with outer foot on base’s thigh, going straight up (with base’s assistance) and hooking other foot around base’s neck, then straightening and leaning away. Alex, being made of steel, cheerfully based both me and Mahum at the same time.

Split-planche: flyer sitting at base’s feet with one leg up straight, reaching up to clasp hands around their waist, base takes the raised foot and leans back, pushing their hips up to activate a front split in the flyer.

And this insane double-handstand-thing which I sure as he’ll couldn’t manage.

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