October half-term intensive

Two days of trying new stuff and thinking about where we might want to go with what we’ve learned so far.

Tightwire: ouch! Feet ouch! Don’t think this is for me.

Contact staff: Think this IS for me! Dan showed Bridie and I some basic moves, including figure 8s (forwards and backwards), diamonds, halo, neck roll.

Hula hoop: Guest teacher Annabel from Lost in Translation taught a great session, with 1-minute drills going down the body (hands, neck, chest, waist, hips, knees) then worked on a few transitions (waist to knees, hand to waist, waist to hand) and finishing with a body roll across the shoulders. Lots of fun and quite the workout!

Aerial hoop: Another excellent session from Annabel, which explored spinning, good hanging technique and a killer straddle-up drill (3 steps: tuck, rotate pelvis, push with shoulders/triceps) that pretty much no-one could do so we ended up practising on the floor. Really liked the roll-up-to-front balance-to-mermaid sequence she taught at the end and hope to try and use it (now I can finally manage that rollup!)

Specialisms: I have chosen aerial and manipulation, and am interested in arts in the community or site-specific performance as elective modules.

And finally, THE FITNESS TEST. Still no chin-up. But a modicum of progress.

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