11 months of handstands

Handstands were my new year’s resolution for 2016. A year into my aerial journey but well before the thought of doing anything ‘more circus’ was on the horizon, it took me several weeks to be able to even kick up to the wall, let alone stay there for any length of time. But as soon as I managed that, I had the bug. And kept doing them everywhere I went.

“I’ve never seen you practise anything as much as you this,” commented my other half this morning – and it’s true that attempting at least one handstand (against the wall) every day has become something of a morning ritual. Slowly but surely my strength, technique and understanding of how my body works upside down have progressed, thanks to support and advice from fellow handstanders and Ross cracking the whip (“Grip with your fingers! Point your toes! Squeeze your bum! Engage your abs! Push up push up push up!”)

Now, nearly a year later, my aim of being able to hold a free-standing handstand seems like it might be actually achievable at some point. These three seconds of hover time felt like a long, glorious lifetime – but I can’t help but imagine what maybe… 30 might feel like?


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